Cool-Data develops, assesses and implements an AI-based modular, flexible, secure and reliable integrated cooling energy system for data centres




A team of researchers from DTU (DTU Compute, DTU Civil Engineering and DTU Management), together with four companies and a utility, will develop and implement an innovative integrated cooling and storage system adapted for small and medium-sized data centers (up to 500 servers). 

With the integrated flexible solution, Cool-Data aims at significantly reducing the energy need and cost for cooling data centres and actively participates to minimizing the carbon footprint of the sector.

The integrated cooling solution supports the utilization of electricity from renewable energy sources by storing surpluses in time and allows the decarbonized surplus heat generated by the data centres to be used and valorized in district heating. 

By using Artificial Intelligence methods to operate flexibly the cooling and storage solution, the researcher team in Cool Data targets up to 80% energy efficiency gains in data centers, resulting in severely limiting the current impact of this sector’s growth on carbon emissions. 

The integrated solution will be developed at DTU and installed and operated at a demo site where the energy efficiency gains, the real-time flexibility and heat-waste reutilization benefit potentials will be assessed.

Cool-Data is a Grand Solutions project supported with DKK 13 million by Innovation Fund Denmark. Its total budget is DKK 18.3 million. The time frame is 01/09/2020 → 31/08/2024

The partners in the project are DTU Compute, DTU Civil Engineering, DTU Management, EnergyCool, GEV, MD Energi, Naviair, and Center Denmark.

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